Airtime To Cash

Before you fill the form to convert airtime to cash Kindly note the conditions below:

  • Fill the form below correctly for airtime to cash
  • MTN is maximum #5,000 per transfer. GLO is #1,000 maximum per transfer.
  • If you want to send pin, please load it on any MTN sim and transfer to us
  • You must send the airtime within 20 minutes or the transaction will be automatically cancelled
  • To transfer mtn airtime: *600*recipient number*amount*pin#
  • To change mtn transfer pin: *600*default pin*new pin*new pin# e.g *600*0000*new pin*new pin#
  • To transfer Glo airtime: *131*recipient number*amount*pin#
  • To change Glo transfer pin: *132*default pin*new pin*new pin# e.g *132*00000*new pin#
  • To transfer airtime on Airtel: Send, 2u [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN] to 432
  • To change Airtel transfer pin write PIN – default PIN – new PIN. That is, PIN 1234 9087 and send to 432
  • For MTN,GLO,AIRTEL: Your Bank Account/Wallet will be credited with 80%,
  • Take for instance for MTN,GLO,AIRTEL #1000 airtime=#800
  • You must not send any amount different from the amount filled
  • We accept airtime transfer only. Any VTU sent to us will not be credited to your wallet.

Note: we convert MTN,GLO,AIRTEL Network only for now

Your Phone Number((number from which the airtime will be sent))

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Amount Please enter a number from 1000 to 50,000.

You'll receive

Bank Name

Bank Account Number

Bank Account Name

Choose the Network
Our Phone Number Send the exact amount to this phone number so we can credit you

We won't be held responsible for funding a wrong Account Number provided by you. Pls crosscheck the info you filled including your phone number through which you will send the Airtime. By Clicking the "Submit" button, you agree that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service and you understand that all transfers are final and cannot be reversed.