Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but these ways to directly contact customer care should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

According to taskus, Customer care is the process of looking after customers to best ensure their satisfaction and delightful interaction with a business and its brand, goods, and services.

For any business to survive in today’s competitive market, their customer care service must be excellent. Customer care is very important to any business, or organization (big or small). You need to listen to your customers, while also making them believe you value them. This is what customer care is all about.

You can argue that it is much easier to get a customer than to keep a customer, this is where customer care comes in. You want your customers to always come back to you after a transaction. To achieve this, you have to have a quality customer care service. This is where Etisalat Customer Care comes in.

Etisalat Customer Care

Etisalat customer care is arguably the fastest among other telecom networks we have in Nigeria. Their customer care service is second to none and is available 24/7. With their agent always ready to help and assist you.

I have experienced from different telecom network providers in Nigeria and I can say Etisalat is one of the best in customer care. With the Etisalat customer care service, you don’t have to wait long hours before your call is picked. Your queries are resolved faster than you can imagine.

With other networks, sometimes I have to wait till late at night before calling their customer care line because that’s the only time I can guarantee that my call will be answered by an Agent. However, with Etisalat you can call at anytime, with no difficulty speaking to any of their agents.

You can reach them on the on:

From your Etisalat line, you can dial 200 and follow the prompt. Usually, if you have an Etisalat sim you can get in touch with their customer care agent directly from your phone. Dial 200 from your Etisalat line, it will initially be picked by an automated system.

Listen to the instruction carefully, and follow the instruction. You will be re-directed to their customer service agent. It’s actually easy and nothing complicated about it.

0809-0000-200 from any other network locally. Just like with your Etisalat sim, you can reach the Etisalat customer care service from other networks as well. Dial 0809-0000-200 from any local network provider (MTN, GLO, Airtel, etc.) and follow the prompt.

+234- 809- 0000-200 from an international line. If you want to reach the Etisalat Customer Care service from an international line e.g Vodafone, you will have to dial +234- 809- 0000-200. Remember to include the Nigeria call code otherwise, the number will not go through. This also works like the others.

Fax at 0809-0000-201: This is actually different from the others. If you know how fax machine works, then this option would work well for you, but if you don’t, I’ll advice you stick to the other options available to you.

Send mail to care@etisalat.com.ng: This is actually straight forward. Aside from reaching them on phone, you can also reach them directly through the mail. Just send in your queries to their official email address, and they will get back to you.

Other channels include:

You can also reach the Etisalat customer care agents directly from their website. To do this, visit their website and click on the online Live Chat channel available on their site. This is more like the Facebook chat channel available on the official Facebook page.

It is easy to use and very fast as well. Remember that you may have to wait for a free agent to respond to your messages when you chat them up.

In most cases, top organizations like Etisalat, usually have social media pages where you can chat them up, see promotions as well as get your queries resolved. To get their official pages and handles, simply visit your favorite social media platform and search their name.

In this case search “Etisalat Nigeria”, various pages and handles may be displayed, check each of them to verify which is official among them.

Don’t worry about how to identify the official page or handle, when you see it, you will know it.

In other words, there are various means you can reach the Etisalat Customer care agents, just use whatever platform is easier for you. Also, consider what you are trying to resolve. It may be easier to use one platform compared to the other depending on how urgent the situation is.

With the high rate of competitions amongst these top companies, you can be sure that they will all be looking for smarter, easier and convenient ways to satisfy their customers. So, it’s a win-win situation for us.

Have you tried reaching the Etisalat Customer Care agents before? What was your experience like? Kindly share your experience with others.


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