Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but these prepaid plans and subscription codes should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

As you will agree with me, just as our individual needs are different so is our needs different with regards to calls and data. Etisalat Nigeria Currently 9mobile offers a variety of prepared plans to meet our daily needs.

Etisalat Easy Starter

The easy starter package was introduced to help individuals who are always in contact with family and friends. So, if you are always keeping contacts with your loved ones within Nigeria, this tariff will work for you. There are lots of benefits that come with this tariff as you will see below

You and Me

The easy starter package comes with a You and Me benefit,
which allows you to register 5 numbers as family and friends. Once you recharge
200 NGN in a week, you receive 300 NGN free airtime to call the 5 registered
Family and Friends number for a week. To register You & Me numbers, simply
dial *233*1*Etisalat number#. To remove the number from You & me, dial
*233*2*Etisalat number#

Free Data

Aside the You & me benefit, you will receive 10MB worth
of free browsing after recharging a minimum of 100 NGN in a week.

Receiver pays

Another benefit you will enjoy in the Etisalat Easy Started Prepaid plan is the receiver pays. In this case, the receiver of the call pays for the call. This allows you to make calls even when you don’t have airtime. To make such calls, you will have to include 268 in front of the number.

To migrate to the Etisalat Easy Starter prepaid plan, dial *244*2#.

Etisalat Easycliq

Another package in the Etisalat prepaid plans is the Etisalat Easycliq. This is known as Morecliq on 9mobile which replaced Etisalat Nigeria. This prepaid package comes with a lot of benefits which includes:

  • Free midnight calls from 12:30 am to 4:30 am when you recharge a minimum of 100 NGN
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Receiver pays: Which is a feature that allows you to make calls without airtime and the receiver will pay for the call. To make this call, dial 268 before the number.
  • You will also enjoy a 150% bonus on every recharge to call all network.
  • When you spend 25 NGN daily, you get to make calls at a lower rate. 20k/sec to Cliq customers, 25k/sec to other Etisalat lines and 30k/sec to other networks.
  • To enjoy an extra 1MB free data at 5 NGN daily, register for the Cliq-4-d-day service. To register, dial *330*1#. While to opt out, dial *330*2#.

To migrate to this Etisalat prepaid plan, dial *244*1# or
dial 200 and press 2.

Etisalat Easy Flex

The Easy Flex prepaid plan was specifically made for those who
make a lot of calls. This plan gives you more value to make calls and also
offer pay as you going browsing option.

This plan offers you 300% or
more when you buy flex bundles of 300, 500 and 1000.

To opt-in dial *344* bundle Amount# or send the amount to 344. To opt out, dial *344*0# or send OFF to 344.

flex bundle bundle cost activation code easyflex value 2 for 1 promo value validity
easyflex 20000 ₦20,000 *344*20000# ₦62,500 NA 30 days
easyflex 10000 ₦10,000 *344*10000# ₦32,500 NA 30 days
easyflex 4000 ₦4,000 *344*4000# ₦12,500 NA 30 days
easyflex 5000 ₦5,000 *344*5000# ₦12,500 ₦37,500 30 days
easyflex 2000 ₦2,000 *344*2000# ₦5,000 ₦15,000 30 days
easyflex 1000 ₦1,000 *344*1000# ₦3,750 NA 14 days
easyflex 500 ₦500 *344*500# ₦1,875 NA 7 days
easyflex 300 ₦300 *344*300# ₦900 NA 7 days

Etisalat Easy Life

Easy life is a tariff that offers you a flat rate 15k/sec across all network in Nigeria. While also making calls to some selected international countries at the same rate. These countries are Canada, China, India, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

To enjoy this Etisalat prepared plan, you will be billed a 5 NGN daily fee on your first call. Other benefits include:

  • 4 NGN for national SMS and 15 NGN for
    international SMS
  • MMS cost 100 NGN
  • Pay as you go data plan at 5k per kilobyte.

To migrate to the Etisalat Easy life prepaid plan, dial
*620*1# or send 1 to 620

The Easy life Etisalat prepaid plan also has an upgrade
known as the Easylife 4.0 limited edition. Here, you enjoy calls at 11k/sec to
all network in Nigeria. While also making calls to some international countries
at 20k/sec. These countries are China, India, USA and United Kingdom landlines.
To migrate to this limited edition, dial *420*1#

Etisalat Easy flex evolution

The Easy flex evolution Etisalat prepaid plan is an upgrade on the Easy flex plan. It comes with two variations, the Voice + and Data +. Just as the name implies, the voice + is for customers who makes a lot of calls while Data + is for heavy data users. Features of this tariff include:

  • Calls at 40k/sec to Etisalat network, as well as
    other networks in Nigeria
  • SMS charge of 4 NGN to national numbers
  • Pay as you go data at 3 kobo per kilobyte.

To migrate to this plan, dial *320#. While to opt out dial

Etisalat Talkzone

With Etisalat Talkzone, you get up to 80% discount to call
other Etisalat number at a call rate of 12k/sec. This call rates can only apply
to certain zones during the day.

To opt in to this plan, dial *244*8#. While to check tariff of
the area you are calling dial *551#.

Etisalat Cliqlite

This prepaid plan is regarded as Etisalat’s education plan.  This plan works well for students and young
individuals. It offers you free access to some educational sites and app.

Benefits include:

  • Free airtime on your birthday
  • 100% monthly data bonus when you purchase data from 200MB to 10GB to browse 5 educational and social sites.
  • Receiver pays for call service
  • 150% bonus on all recharges
  • Parental control allows parents to decide what site their children can visit.

To unlock these features and lots more like a reduced call
rate, you have to spend 25 NGN daily fee.

To migrate to this tariff, dial *244*10# or dial 200 and
select 5.


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