Airtel Cheap Data Plans 2020 and Subscription Codes for October.

Airtel Cheap Data Plans: Airtel Nigeria happens to be one of the best Internet Service Providers in Nigeria, known to be among the cheapest data plan providers and customer-care love in Nigeria. Airtel Nigeria keeps surprising us with newer plans, offer and different plans are just too good and with the present invention of the 4G network, airtel is just one step ahead of the popular MTN. in this article, I will be showing you all of airtel Data and codes.

Airtel Cheap Data Plans


Airtel Daily and Weekly Plan

The daily airtel subscription is actually the smallest with a small amount of money involve and the time range is only a day. Normally how it works is that when you subscribe for this kind of plan, it will expire immediately it is 24 notwithstanding if you finish the data or not. Below are the code and amount for daily subscription

− For N50: You get 25MB and it is valid for 1 Day. Dial *141*50# to activate.

− For N100: You get 75MB and it is valid for 1 Day. Dial *141*100# to activate.

− For N200: You get 200MB and it is valid for 3 Days. Dial *141*200# to activate.

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− For N300: You get 350MB and it is valid for 7 Days. Dial *141*300# to activate.

− For N500: You get 750MB and it is valid for 14 Days. Dial *141*500# to activate.

In all of this, you should have the required airtime or you won’t able to subscribe.

Airtel Monthly Plan

Just as the name implies, Airtel of the monthly plan lasts for one month and after that, it expires.  The amount involved is much more than that of daily subscription. below are the codes and amount

− Airtel N1000 Plan

This is actually the cheapest in this category, it can be used on both your Android device or your PC. You would need to subscribe with 1000  get 1.5GB worth of airtime  which will last for one month. To subscribe, dial *141*1000#.

− Airtel N1,500 Plan

This was actually introduced recently. This category of will give you 3GB worth of data for a thousand, five hundred but one unique thing about this is that it is divided into morning and night, you will have 2.5GB for a day and 1GB bonus at night which normally useable from 1 AM – 7 AM while 2.5 is usable during the day.

Note: To subscribe to this plan, you should dial *141*1500#.

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− Airtel N2000

This one is also cheap and is available for Android and PC devices are the 4.5GB which you can get with 2,000 and it is usable for 30 DAYS.

To subscribe to it, you have to recharge your phone and dial *141*2000#. Enjoy N2,000 for 4.5GB. Valid for 30 [email protected] N1/MB all day, remember, it is also usable on all devices.

− Airtel N2,500 Plan

There has been a change in this category of the plan. Rather than getting the usual 5GB plan with 2,500, you will now be getting 6GB for 30 days. You will have 5GB which can be used during the day and 1GB Bonus during the night.

Please note that the bonus is functional from 1 AM – 7 AM Daily. At least, it can be used for a complete 30 days with an uninterrupted data zap issue. To subscribe, just recharge your sim card and dial *141*2500#. Enjoy N2,500 for 6GB. Usable for 30 days.

− Airtel N3,000 Plan

Good news! You can get to enjoy unlimited updates on both Android and PC with the newly invented 8GB usable for day and night.

Fortunately, it’s now  8GB. 7GB during the day and 1GB Bonus during the night. Also, note that the bonus is usable 1 AM – 7 AM Daily. It all costs 3,000 for 30 days. You can dial *141*3000#. Valid for 30 [email protected] N1/MB all day.

− Airtel N4000

You can go ahead and watch movies, download, and stream music to stay up to date with the Android 4.0 data plan. You will not only power up your devices, but you can also watch short and long movies for 30 days.

With the 11GB total bundle, you can browse throughout the day with 9GB and browse throughout the night with the 2GB Bonus. The bonus is usable 1 AM – 7 AM Daily Dial *141*4000# to activate.

Airtel Mega Plan

The Airtel Mega Packs or Plans aren’t much different from the monthly plan, the 30 days validity period is also stamped on it.

But with the below plans, you can browse and download bigger files. These plans are for those that browse the internal heavily:

− Airtel N5000

With the Airtel N5000 plan, you will not only watch interesting short videos or comedy but now, you will watch a long film with 15GB (you have 13GB during the day + **2GB Bonus during the night).

The bonus is usable 1 AM – 7 AM Daily for 30 days. Dial *141*5000# to activate. Connect all your data-enabled home and office devices with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

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Airtel N10,000

With just 10,000, you would get 40GB to have access to the internet.  The code is *141*10000#. This is actually the cheapest in this category, 10,000 for 40GB. The Plan now comes with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

Airtel N15,000

This is 75GB with 15,000 for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *141*15000#. Enjoy 75GB super-fast and dependable data to stay connected with Mega 15 plan, with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend.

Airtel N20,000

If you’ve got the money, I suggest you go for this one. You get to watch movies, download as much as you want and stream online videos but it’s not just easy, you need 20,000 but the outcome is a 110GB worth of data valid for one month.

The procedure is the same with others, you just need to recharge your sim with 20,000 airtime and dial *141*20000#.

YouTube Video Plan

Dial *141*2*6*5# to have access to the following YouTube video plans;

– For N1000: You get 1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube

– For N300: You get 300MB for 7days/Video Plan

– For N150: You get 300MB for 7days/Night Video Plan

Am sure you found this article interesting and educational. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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