Airtel Social  Data Plans and Airtel Unlimited Data Plan Code, Prices, Description and subscription method and every other Airtel plan is what we have put together in this post.

Whatever your data needs are, we have a plan for you, Airtel fast, affordable and reliable internet experience will keep you connected anytime, anywhere with the available data below.

Airtel Social  Data Plans

How to check airtel data balance

Checking your data balance on the Airtel telecommunications network is as easy as anything. After buying a data bundle, it is important to constantly keep track of it so that you know when to slow down on your data usage as well as when to prepare to buy another data bundle.

To check your Airtel data balance, simply dial *140# and wait for an SMS from Airtel detailing your data balance.

Alternatively, you can dial *141#, then press the number 6. You will receive an SMS with details about your data balance.

Airtel Social  Data Plans & Airtel Unlimited Data Plan

Airtel Social  Data Plans

Price(Naira) Plan Validity Data Code Description
N25 10MB 1 Day *948*4# This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
N50 40MB 1 Day *991*4# These plans give access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
N100 80MB 5 Days *688*3#
N300 600MB 25 Days *688*1#

Airtel Instagram Data Bundles

Instagram Bundles Price(Naira) Plan Validity Data Code Description
Instagram Bundles
N100 250MB 1 Day *141*105# These plans give access to Instagram only
N200 1GB 1 Day *141*205#

Airtel Facebook & Whatsapp Bundles

Bundle Name Price Data MB Validity Activation Code Auto-renewal Opt out Code
FB+WA Daily N25 100 1 Day *141*254# *141*254*1#
FB+WA Weekly N50 200 7 Days *141*54# *141*54*1#
FB+WA Monthly N100 500 30 Days *141*104# *141*104*1#

Airtel Opera Bundles

Video streaming and downloads are not allowed on these bundle

Price(Naira) Plan Validity USSD CODE Description
Opera Bundle Daily N20 25MB 1 Day *141*253# These plans give access to Opera mini browser and news app only
Opera Bundle Weekly N50 100MB 7 Days *141*53#
Opera Bundle Monthly N100 300MB 30 Days *141*103#

Airtel MiFi data plans

Airtel has special data plans for customers who use their MiFi devices. An Airtel 4G MiFi costs N9,999 and comes with free 25MB for 30 days. In addition, it can connect with up to ten WiFi-enabled devices at once and up to 8 hours of battery life.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list for data plans you can get with your Airtel MiFi, validity, data allowance, and the USSD code to activate the plan.

Price Plan Validity Activation Code
N5,000 15GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N10,000 40GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N15,000 75GB 30days *370# on your smartphone
N20,000 110GB 30days *370# on your smartphone

Airtel Binge plans

This plan is a part of Airtel’s Binge plan with which Airtel aims to satisfy users heavy data needs. For as low as 350 Naira, you can get as much as 1GB for use. This data package lasts for a day. See a complete breakdown below.

Price (Naira) Plan Validity Data Code
N300 Binge Plan N350 1GB 1 Day *141*354#
N500 Binge Plan N500 2GB 1 Day *141*504#
N1,500 Binge Plan N1500 6GB 7 Days *141*1504#

Airtel Exclusive plans

These plans are exclusive only to Airtel customers who have met certain criteria. As such, customers must first confirm eligibility before they can have access to these plans.

Airtel 500 Naira for 1.5 GB

This plan is very beneficial for many Airtel customers, especially those who are trying to make the most of their budget for data. Sadly, not everyone is eligible for this plan.

To confirm your eligibility, dial *418#. If you get a response that you have an insufficient balance, this means that you are eligible for this plan. If you already have enough airtime, you will be automatically subscribed to this plan. Airtel Social  Data Plans

After confirming your eligibility, buy at least 500 Naira airtime and dial *418# to activate the Airtel 500 Naira for 1.5GB plan. Note that this plan lasts for 2 weeks.

Airtel 200 Naira for 4gb

Just like the 500 Naira for 1.5GB plan, this plan is only accessible by an exclusive set of Airtel customers. An amazing addition to this plan is that fact that it also comes with free calls.

Confirm your eligibility by doing this simple thing: Text GET to 141 and wait for a reply.

If you are eligible for this plan, you will get a reply saying: “Dear customer, CONGRATULATIONS! you can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS.”

After this, buy 200 Naira airtime, then recharge with the special pin, *143*Recharge card pin#. You will get 4GB to browse the internet, valid for a month.

Airtel 20x bonus migration code

This 20 times bonus migration code is only for old subscribers on the Airtel telecommunications network that allows you to enjoy 20 times your normal recharge on your line.

If you choose the 100 Naira plan on the Airtel 20x bonus migration code, then you will get 2000 Naira, with 500 Naira being for voice calls and 1500 Naira being for data.

This package is only available for old Airtel lines that have not enjoyed any activity for more than two months. This includes no incoming or outgoing calls, text messages, recharge, or data renewals.

If you qualify for this plan, then dial *214# and follow the prompts to select your desired plan.

See a breakdown of available plans below:

N100: Dial *241*100#

N200: Dial *241*200#

N300: Dial *241*300#

N500: Dial *241*500#

N1,000: Dial *241*1000#

To check your balance on this plan, dial *223#.

Airtel 200 for 1gb

This is a bonus package for Airtel customers who have not used their sim for data for a long time. Apart from the 200 Naira for the 1GB plan, Airtel offers other cheap plans as well.

Some of the plans you can have access to are

  • 200MB for N100 (validity 3days)
  • 1GB for N200 (validity 1 week)
  • 2GB for N500 (validity is 2 weeks)
  • 4GB for N1000 (validity is 1 month)

To access any of these plans, dial *141*241# and follow the instructions given by the prompt.

Airtel unlimited data plan

With Airtel’s unlimited data plan, Airtel users enjoy unlimited data at affordable prices. There are several plans which users can enjoy depending on their budget.

You should note though, that Airtel’s fair usage data policy comes into play during the use of this data. The fair usage policy is a policy used by Airtel to ensure that users only consume data in moderation.

When users consume large amounts of data, other users can be adversely affected, and this is why Airtel attempts to regulate the amount of data that each customer uses.

Find details about individual Airtel unlimited data plans below.


Airtel’s Unlimited 10 plan gives users an unlimited data plan for 10,000 Naira with a validity period of 30 days. Note that Airtel’s fair usage policy applies after the first 40GB used. To activate the Unlimited 10 plan, dial: *462*10#.


Airtel’s Unlimited 15 bundle grants users access to an unlimited data bundle for only 15,000 Naira with a validity period of 30 days. Note that Airtel’s fair usage policy applies after the first 65GB used. To activate the Unlimited 15, dial: *462*15#.


Airtel’s Unlimited 20 bundle grants access to an unlimited data plan for 20,000 Naira with a validity period of 30 days. Note that Airtel’s fair usage policy applies after the first 1000GB used. To activate the Unlimited 20, dial: *462*20#.


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