DStv Nigeria has one of the best influence on Nigeria satellite TV business. Well, they are reputable DStv Packages in Nigeria, and shows good number of shows.

Although, the packages prices keeps increasing over the past few months, but the little increases are quite noticeable when completing the payment.

It is no longer news that DStv offers a wide range of packages that will not only suit you but also your whole family’s viewing needs.

Today, we are going to review the best DStv packages for all people’s tastes. Starting for the best option for a person to family and series of other choices also.

DStv Channels

*. Entertainment and Movies
*. Sport
*. Lifestyle and Culture
*. News and Commerce1
*. Children
*. Documentary
*. Religion
*. Music
*. Specialist
*. Local Channels
*. Audio

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DStv Packages

With a starting price of N1600, you can easily subscribe to the smallest DStv packages. DStv has a total five (5) packages, and two (2) package add-ons.

While the FTA Plus starts as the smallest packages with 6 channels, and then to the top-end Premium packages with 188 channels. The Premium packages, DStv says it “prides itself on offering the widest variety of on-screen entertainment in Africa. With more than 100 world-class”

Any of the below DStv packages will definitely settle your needs. And one respectable feature about DStv packages is that, you can pay with any slightest option, from your mobile banking, nearest office, internet banking, online payment and many others.

But one major flaw is their decisive increase in their packages prices, and you can’t still watch all the sports station with the N10,650 package plan. Where you have to purchase the higher DStv premium packages for a bigger price of N15,800.

However, everyone could easily compliment online and offline DStv customer care service. Whereby, they can reply and provide adequate technician service repairs within few minutes.

DStv Premium

DStv Premium – The Best Expensive Option

*. Package Name: DStv Premium

Well, if you are practically into watching series of movies from all DStv major channels, and also want to enjoy all DStv’s sports channel, then you can easily subscribe to the best expensive package, which happens to be the DStv premium packages. Unlike other packages on DStv, you can watch and enjoy all channels on the Premium package. For sports lovers, I think you can watch all the football league especially the Europe league, as other package plan from N10,650 doesn’t allow that. Subscribing to the DStv Premium for NGN15800 gives you the allowance to enjoy the following channels in total:

*. 47 station in Entertainment and Movies
*. 13 in Sport
*. 5 in Lifestyle and Culture
*. 16 in News and Commerce
*. 12 in Children, 6 in Documentary
*. 9 in Religion
*. 8 in Music
*. 12 in Specialist
*. 13 in Local Channels and
*. 4 channels in Audio.

DStv Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus – The Best Choice

*. Package Name: DStv Compact Plus

It is actually expensive, but has proven to be the best option and choice for few people that has little money for Utility expenses. With the DStv Compact Plus, you can enjoy almost all the channels as the Premium packages. But in a quick glance and summary, I will tell you that you are also exempted from the major aspect. For instance, you can’t Europa league, Ligue 1 and many others. I respect your opinion if you are not into sports, but have you checked the facts that few movies are also exempted from the quite expensive package, such as M-Net Movies Action +, M-Net Movies Smile, M-Net Movies Premiere (SD/HD) etc. However, some channels are just the same, such Audio, Local channels, Religion, Specialist, Children, News and Commerce, Lifestyle and culture. But wait, something is out of sight here and that is the Documentary: DStv Compact Plus is offering 7 stations for the Documentary channel, while the DStv premium is offering 6 station and it is the “Crime Investigation Network” Anyways, these are the channels you will enjoy for such expensive amount:

*. Entertainment and Movies: 41
*. Sport: 9
*. Lifestyle and Culture: 5
*. News and Commerce: 16
*. Children: 12
*. Documentary: 7
*. Religion: 9
*. Music: 7
*. Specialist: 12
*. Local Channels: 13
*. Audio: 47

DStv Compact

DStv Compact – Profitable Choice

*. Package Name: DStv Compact

This is the DStv Compact package plan that allows you to watch cool channels for a cost-effective price. It might not be the best option for personal use, but the DStv Compact is applicably advisable to subscribe to and spend your hard -earned coins on. Well, as it is the lower edition of the DStv Compact Plus, you will not be greeted with plentiful stations and channels options. However, below contains the channels you will receive when you subscribe to the DStv Compact for N6800:

*. Entertainment and Movies: 38
*. Sport: 7
*. Lifestyle and Culture: 5
*. News and Commerce: 16
*. Children: 12
*. Documentary: 4
*. Religion: 9
*. Music: 8
*. Specialist: 12
*. Local Channels: 13
*. Audio: 47

DStv Family

DStv Family – Best for Family

*. Package Name: DStv Family

This is the DStv Family package for family uses, and it is just the best for family especially the basic or nuclear aspect of it. It is not just the best for family but also the cheapest for personal use, as it is based on an adequate expenses. The price differences between the DStv Compact and Family is just N2,800 and that means a lot of differences, as you won’t enjoy a full of load of channels and many others. Anyways, these are what you will receive for DStv Family package with N4000:

*. Entertainment and Movies: 26
*. Sport: 6
*. Lifestyle and Culture: 3
*. News and Commerce: 15
*. Children: 7
*. Documentary: 3
*. Religion: 9
*. Music: 7
*. Specialist: 12
*. Local Channels: 13
*. Audio: 11

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DStv Access and DStv FTA Plus

DStv Access and DStv FTA Plus

*. DStv Package: DStv Access


*. DStv Package: DStv FTA Plus

These are two different plans on DStv packages, and you can possibly enjoy them fully. But subscribing to DStv FTA Plus is just subscribing to some Nigerian local channels which are Lagos TV, MiTV, Channels, AIT, Silverbird and NTA I. I wouldn’t advise anyone to subscribe to DStv FTA Plus, you can just add N400 and activate the DStv Access. However, below are the channels in comparison for both packages:

Channel comparison
*. Entertainment and Movies: 18 – 0
*. Sport: 4 – 0
*. Lifestyle and Culture: 1 – 0
*. News and Commerce: 14 – 0
*. Children: 4 – 0
*. Documentary: 3 – 0
*. Religion: 9 – 0
*. Music: 6 – 0
*. Specialist: 12 – 0
*. Local Channels: 13 – 6
*. Audio: 11 – 0

Overall, the DStv N6800 is advisable but if you have the financial power to activate higher packages then you can easily go ahead. Anyways, DStv packages are expensive and not economically priced, but you can still stick to other Pay satellite TV such GOtv, CanTV and others.


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