Most times, I wonder why some people leave the comfort of their house and come queue to the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for several hours just because they want to transfer money from their bank account to other people bank account.
Well, if you are among those still queue at the ATM just for sending money then this post is for you. In this article, I will share with you over 10 Nigerian commercial banks that do use Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code to make banking easier and to reduce the stress in sending money from your bank account to other people bank account.

GTBank makes it possible for you to transfer fund/money from your GTBank account via your mobile phone (Any Phone) to other people bank account by just dialing *737# code.

To transfer fund, kindly dial the below USSD codes.

  • To transfer to a GTBank account,just dial *737*1*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUM# Example: *737*1*1000*0125367859#
  • To transfer to other beneficiaries in other banks, just dial *737*2*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUM# Example: *737*2*1000*0125367859#

After you dial the code, you will be ask to input your last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to complete the transaction.

The below code only work on diamond bank Y’ello account holders

  • To Transfer money to any Nigerian bank, just dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN# 
  • To transfer money to diamond Y’ello accounts, juts dial *710*710*Phone Num*AMOUNT*PIN#
With *894#, you can transfer money, withdraw money, make purchases or buy airtime right from your phone. So if you dial *894#  with the number associated with your first bank account then you will ask to input the following for the service you want.
  • Select 1 for transfer money
  • Select 2 to withdraw money
  • Select 3 make purchases
  • Select 4 to pay bills
  • Select 5 to buy airtime
  • Select 7 to manage account

Access Bank USSD Code to Transfer Money

Below are the step to step process of registration

  • On your bank registered phone number, dial *901#
  • Follow the generated prompt to select 8(NEXT) then 5(CREATE PIN) option to Create/Reset Pin
  • Enter the last four(4) digits of your Access bank ATM Card
  • You will be requested to enter your choice 4 to 6 digits security code which will be used for all transaction


  • Transfer to other banks: Dial *901*2*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#. Charge is N80+N4.00(VAT)
  • Transfer to Access Bank: Dial *901*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN Account Number#  from your phone number, then authenticate with your transfer security code.

Skye Bank USSD Code To Transfer Money
Kindly dial *833# and follow the steps show to you in other to use the USSD code service for easy banking.

UBA USSD Code To Transfer Money
If you are using UBA, kindly dial *919# with the phone number associated with your bank account. Then follow the prompt information to complete the service. You can use the code to check your account balance, recharge and also link your BVN details to your account.

  • To check your account balance, dial *919*00#
  • To recharge – *919*AMOUNT# or *919*Phone number*Amount# to recharge for others (Friends & Family)
  • To link your BVN to your account, dial *919*6#

Sterling Bank USSD Code To Transfer Money
Kindly dial *822# to get started and follow the prompt message show to you.

Eco Bank USSD Code To Transfer Money
If you are using Eco Bank, kindly dial *326# and follow the prompt message to complete your transaction.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code To Tranfer Money
For Fidelity account, you will have to create a transfer PIN which would be ask anytime you want to transfer fund to other people. To create the PIN, just dial *770# then send the code. You would then be ask to enter your fidelity bank account number. After you input the account number then send the code.

Now, here’s how to send money with your mobile phone,

  • Select beneficiaries Bank Name
  • The account number would appear for you to confirm
  • Then enter your transfer PIN, then your money would be sent successfully

Wema Bank USSD CODE To Transfer Money
Wema bank also let you transfer money from your account easily via your mobile phone. In other to do the transfer, make sure you use the number attached to your bank account

  • To Transfer money, kindly dial *945*Beneficiary Account Number*Amount#
  • To check your Wema Bank Account balance *945*0#
  • To change PIN *945*00#
  • To Open a Wema Bank account *945*1#
  • To Top Up your phone from your Wema Bank Account, dial *945*Amount#


Zenith Bank USSD Code To Transfer Money
Zenith Bank also make it easy for you to send money to other people through their USSD Code, this code allows you to open a new bank account, transfer money, recharge your phone and much more.
  • To Open New Zenith Account, dial *966*0#
  • To Transfer money, dial *966*Amount*AccountNumber#
  • To check your account balance, dial *966*00#
  • To recharge/Top Up your phone number, dial *966*Amount*MobileNumber#

Stanbic IBTC Mobile USSD Code for Money Transfer

  • Stanbic IBTC USSD code for money transfer is *909#
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
Keystone Mobile USSD Code for Money Transfer
  • simply dial *533*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile number registered with the bank.
  • Customers will then require the four digits PIN created at registration to authenticate each transaction.
With the above banks USSD Code, you can easily send money to people without leaving your room and you can also do that without using any internet connections. The code also works on any mobile phone.