MTN Xtratalk benefits and codes

All Telecommunications industry in Ngeria has special plans which they use to satisfy their customer’s needs as well as retain them, we probably are aware that most businesses are in for the profit and gains.

But on a brighter side, i think most of the network providers are also concerned with satifying the needs of their customers so as not to lose them to other providers.

However, on this piece today, we are going to talk about the MTN Xtravalue; A two-in-One Bundle plan that offers you both airtime for voice calls and Data for internet activities.

On this article today, out focal point will be on the MTN XtraTalk bundle. This XtraTalk Bundle is one of the two types of the XtraValue Bundle.

MTN XtraTalk Bundles

The XtraTalk Bundle is voice call centralized as the name implies, this simply means that it’s allocation of Voice Call airtime is greater than that of Data.

MTN XtraValue Bundle; this is a plan that allows you purchase a bundle that gives you exciting and incredible amount of airtime for voice calls and awesome volume of Data to add to it.

MTN XtraValue Bundle plan is the first Call and Data bundle from MTN Nigeria. They are of two types which includes: MTN XtraTalk for voice calls and XtraData for data activities.

The Bundle is available in 2 different yet amazing types and at different price ranging from ₦300 to ₦20, 000 and it is available to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers on the network.

While the XtraTalk Bundle plan gives you more Voice Bonus for call, the XtraData allocates more Data Volume to you for Data activities.

MTN Xtratalk benefits and codes

Prepaid customers will be automatically migrated to xtravalue plan after subscribing to any xtravalue plan while postpaid customers will enjoy the bundle from their respective tariff plan after subscribing to any Xtravalue bundle plan.

Another interesting benefit of these MTN XtraValue tariff plans is that some can also be used while roaming, although it depends on the particular bundle you want to subscribe to in the Xtravalue plan.

For instance, any of the MTN XtraValue N2000 and above bundle offers;

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Bundles form ₦2,000 and above can be used in the following 41 countries; USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Benin Republic, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Cameroon, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Cote d’ivoire, Spain, Senegal, Netherlands, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Greece, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Sudan.

Wow! Isn’t this great? An amazing 41 countries to enjoy roaming benefits!

MTN also covers more countries than Glo Nigeria which covers only about 30 countries in their various tariff plans with roaming plan.

And of course, the King of Roaming Services Airtel. Airtel covers more countries in their roaming plans than these two networks combined. They are the best so far on roaming plans.

The two types of Bundle Includes:

  1. XtraTalk Bundles – This offers higher airtime allocation for Voice calls than Data volume.
  2. XtraData Bundles – Offers higher volume of Data than airtime for voice calls.
MTN Xtratalk benefits and codes

MTN XtraValue Tariff Plans Migration Code

Subscribing to this XtraValue plan is easy. To subscribe or migrate to the MTN Xtravalue tariff plan, simply dial *131*2# and select your preferred bundle type.

Note that MTN XtraValue bundles for ₦2000 and above can be used abroad in about 40 countries while roaming.

How To Check Xtravalue Balance

To check the MTN XtraValue bundle balance, simply dial *556# or *559*61#. The tariff plan will auto-renew on exhaustion. However, if you wish to cancel auto renewal simply send NO + Bundle code to 131, e.g NoD300 to131.

Calls to international countries will be charged at a call rate of ₦9.6 per minute and this rate only applies to 19 countries out of the above mentioned 41.

Some of the 19 countries are African countries, Asian countries, British and more. But national calls are charged at the rate of ₦27 per minute while SMS is charged at ₦4 per SMS and ₦0.23 per MB is the browsing rate.

Below are compiled list of how to subscribe to subscribe to various bundles on Xtratalk which is one of the bundle types.

MTN XtraTALK Tariff Plans, Benefits and Migration Codes;

MTN XtraTalk 300

On XtraTalk tariff, if you recharge ₦300 you will get airtime worth of ₦1000 plus 50MB data.

This Plan is valid for a period of 7 days and ca only be used locally, this means on this plan you can only make calls to other networks in Nigeria.

To subscribe for this MTN Xtra Talk tariff plan, simply send in an SMS V300 to short code 131.

MTN XtraTalk 500

The MTN XtraTalk plan also has a validity period of 7 days, you are sure to get ₦1,950 worth of airtime bonus with 100MB data for a recharge of ₦500

This plan can also be only used to call local networks.

To subscribe, simply send V500 in an sms to short code 131.

MTN XtraTalk 1000

An airtime recharge of ₦1000 gives you an airtime bonus of ₦3,900 and 300MB data bonus to browse the internet and it is valid for 14 days.

This plan can also be used locally only.

To subscribe, simply send V100 in an SMS to 131.

MTN Xtratalk benefits and codes

MTN XtraTalk 2000

With a recharge of ₦2000 on the Xtra talk 2000, you get a ₦7,850 bonus airtime value plus 650MB. This plan has a valid for a period of 30 days.

Unlike the previous Xtra Talk tariff plans we’ve highlighted above, the Xtra Talk 2000 can be used internationally.

To subscribe to Xtra Talk 2000, Send V2000 to 131.

MTN XtraTalk 5000

For a recharge of ₦5000 you will get a whooping ₦19,500 airtime bonus plus 1.5GB data that can be used while roaming just like the Xtra Talk 2000 tariff plan.

And also, this Xtra Talk 5000 plan is valid for a period of 30 days.

To subscribe to Xtra Talk 5000, Send V5000 to 131 to subscribe.

MTN XtraTalk 10000

For a recharge of ₦10,000 you will also get a whooping ₦39,00 airtime bonus plus 2.5GB data, this plan is also valid for 30 days.

The plan can be used while roaming.

To subscribe to Xtra Talk 10000, send V10000 to 131.

MTN XtraTalk 15000

A recharge of ₦15,000 will give you ₦59,000 naira worth of airtime plus 3.5GB data and this plan is valid for 30 days.

Sure, you guessed right. This tariff plan can be used for roaming.

To subscribe to Xtra Talk 15000, send V15000 to 131.

MTN XtraTalk 20000

The Xtra Talk 20,000 is the largest of these, on your ₦20,000 recharge you will get a whooping airtime bonus worth ₦80,200 and bonus data worth 4.5GB and like the above, it is valid for 30 days.

This plan can also be used internationally.

To subscribe this MTN Xtra Talk 20000, recharge N20,000 and send V20000 to 131.

MTN Xtratalk benefits and codes

What is the Benefit of The MTN XtraValue Bundle?

  • XtraValue just like the name implies, offers you everything on the plan on extra basis. Xtra voice and Xtra data that are way better than other tariff plan in an all on one package.
  • The bundle airtime can be used for all calls including national and international calls as well as SMS.
  • The data bonus as well are not restricted to some applications, it can be used on application that uses data.
  • It gives you the convenience of one-time subscription for both voice calls and data.
  • The Bundle plan is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers on the network.


The table below depicts all the information on Xtravalue Bundles: XtraTalk and XtraData, the voice and data allowance, benefits and activation codes as well.

MTN XtraValue PlansPriceVoice ValueData ValueValidityHow to subscribe
(N300) XtraTalkN300N1,00050MB7daysText V300 to 131
(N300) XtraDataN300N300200MB7daysText D300 to 131
(N500) XtraTalkN500N1,950100MB7daysText V500 to 131
(N500) XtraDataN500N500500MB7daysText D500 to 131
(N1000) XtraTalkN1000N3,900300MB14daysText V1000 to 131
(N1000) XtraDataN1000N1,0001GB14daysText D1000 to 131
(N2000) XtraTalkN2000N7,850650MB30daysText V2000 to 131
(N2000) XtraDataN2000N2,5002.5GB30daysText D2000 to 131
(N5000) XtraDataN5000N19,5001.5GB30daysText V5000 to 131
(N5000) XtraTalkN5000N6,5006.5GB30daysText D5000 to 131
(N10000) XtraTalkN10000N39,0002.5GB30daysText V10000 to 131
(N10000) XtraDataN10000N14,00014GB30daysText D10000 to 131
(N15000) XtraTalkN15000N59,0003.5GB30daysText V15000 to 131
(N15000) XtraDataN15000N24,00020GB30daysText D15000 to 131
(N20000) XtraTalkN20000N80,2004.5GB30daysText V20000 to 131
(N20000) XtraDataN20000N28,80030GB30daysText D20000 to 131

Well, here you have it. All there is to know about the MTN XtraTalk Bundle plans, the benefits and the codes to subscribe. If you do more of the voice calling, then this is the best bundle you can activate and enjoy on the MTN Tarfif plans.


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