Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but these recharge codes should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

If you are an Etisalat user, surely you know there is a need to recharge. If you are using more than a single network, remembering all the recharge codes may be a bit confusing. usually on most recharge cards, you will see a description on how to load your airtime. But for the sake of the few recharge cards out there that don’t have such descriptions, this article will come in handy.

Why you need to recharge

Isn’t it obvious why we need to recharge? Well, let’s just list a few reasons why we need to recharge.

  • You need airtime to access data service. In other words, for you to be able to browse, you need to purchase data. Who do you purchase data? By recharging your phones with airtime, and using the airtime to purchase data of your choice. It doesn’t matter what network provider you are using, you will still need to recharge to access data service.
  • To make voice calls. This the most important of all reason. Everyone makes calls, be it personal calls, business calls, or whatever, we still have to make calls. Airtime is what makes it possible. Airtime is like the fuel of your sim card, we all know that without the fuel your car wouldn’t move except it uses water or it rechargeable. This applies to sim cards, without airtime you can barely do anything except to receive.
  • Do you want to send text messages? You need airtime. While it’s true that some networks give you free SMS, you still have to recharge in most cases.
  • You also need airtime to subscribe for other value-added services, like caller tones, daily news update and lots more.

The importance of recharging cannot be overemphasized, it is vital to the daily use of our phones.

How to Recharge on Etisalat or 9mobile line

To learn how to recharge your Etisalat or 9mobile line using the Etisalat recharge code, continue reading.

To recharge on Etisalat, simply dial *222*Recharge PIN# and send or press OK.

Example: If your recharge PIN is 555 666 777 888 999, dial *222*555666777888999# and Send or press OK.

You should get a notification if your recharge was successful.

How long before you get your Airtime?

It is usually instant, as soon as you successfully dial the code given above, you will get a notification telling you if your recharge has been successful or not. If it has you will see the amount of recharge displayed, if it’s not you will also see why it failed.

How much can you recharge?

Etisalat offer different recharge value ranging from 50 Naira to 1,000 Naira. However, if you are recharging directly from your bank mobile app, you can recharge any amount. But, here we are focused on the printed cards you normally buy from the roadside vendors.

Validity of your recharge?

Usually, your airtime is valid and available for use until you use it, it doesn’t expire. Except you are registered to a particular tariff that requires you to use up your airtime recharge within a specified period, otherwise your airtime recharge is safe and will not expire.

What happen when You enter a wrong number?

It is very common that while trying to recharge, you end up missing a number or making a mistake. But not to worry your recharge is still safe you will get a notification telling you that you entered a wrong PIN. All you have to do is repeat the process, but this time you should be extra careful so as not to make the same mistake again.

What if you scratch off one of the charge numbers

This is the point where I have to mention that some of the recharge cards you will buy requires you to scratch off the silver surface used to hide the recharge PIN. While trying to scratch off these silver surface you may sometimes scratch off one of the recharge numbers. This usually happens if you try to scratch off the silver surface too hard, so you should be extra careful.

But in the event that you already scratch off one of the numbers, you don’t have to panic it can still be resolved. First you need to local the serial number that is printed on the recharge card, all recharge cards have serial numbers. Copy this number out and call the Etisalat customer service agent. Their is an article I wrote that has all the channels you can use to contact the Etisalat customer service. But for the sake of this article I’ll mention just one.

Dial 200 from your Etisalat sim to speak to one of their customer service agents. Tell them what happened while you were trying to scratch off the silver surface, they will request for the serial number of the recharge card. Call out this number to them, if the number is correct, they will recharge your line directly from their system.

Etisalat code to check balance

Yes, it is important you know how to check your account balance, this will guide you to know when you need to recharge. You would not want you airtime running out in the middle of an important conversation, so always check your balance.

How do you do that?

To check your airtime balance, simply dial *223# and Send or press OK. Your account balance will be displayed to you. Using this code as absolutely free.

Recharge Family and Friends

You can also recharge your loved ones’ line directly from
your phone. To do this, dial *222*Charge PIN*Recipient’s Number# then Send or
press OK

Notice: Remember not to include the spaces between the recharge PIN when trying to recharge.


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