One of the biggest Satellite service providers in Africa and the largest leading Pay Tv service provider in Nigeria, DStv has just increased its subscription prices as the company implemented the 7.5% VAT on all the packages.

For informational purposes, DStv is a direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice with 11.9 million subscribers currently, and it was launched in 1995 and provides multiple channels and services.

The subscription fee will not only be increased on all DStv packages, along with GOtv. MultiChoice said that the price hike will be effective from June, and also reported that some of their current packages and services will be removed.

If you own a valid DStv decoder with registration on your SIM card, you might be among those that DStv sent SMS the messages that contain the price changes.

dstv new subscription prices

DStv new subscription prices – Twitter NG

New DSTV Prices

*. DSTV Padi: N1800 to N1850

*. DSTV Access: N2000 to N2150

*. DSTV Yanga: N2500 to N2565

*. DSTV Family: N4000 to N4300

*. DSTV Confam: N4500 to N4615

*. DSTV Compact: N6800 to N6975

*. DSTV Compact +: N10,650 to N10,925

*. DSTV Premium: N15,800 to N16,200

It is quite obvious that DStv subscription packages are mainly used to watch football, and have taken advantage since the company noticed it’s increased in the subscription rate.

A lot of people especially on Twitter are wondering why would DStv hike its prices at this period, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That has not only taken lives but sent people to stay at home without work and payment.

GOtv New subscription prices

GOtv Max: N3200 to N3280

GOtv Jolli: N2400 to N2460

GOtv Jinja: N1600 to N1640

GOtv Lite: N400 to N410

Despite the increase is due to the 7.5% VAT that will be applied to all DStv packages. Nigeria Twitter streets didn’t take it easily, instead, some of them said:

It is clearly abnormal for DStv to hike its prices, even with or without COVID-19 and especially the fact that the company gained more subscribers during this period.

Anyways, almost everyone insisted on activating and subscribing to Netflix, for those who are interested in movies. After all, Netflix has thousands of movies and series on its dashboard.

But when it comes to football matches, Football lovers can easily opt-in for an Android box, with the right setup, you can watch any live matches. However, understand that both services require data consumption, – Netflix, and Android box.


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