9mobile Nigeria is actually one of the best telecoms in the country, and the company just announced the Moreflex Plus, which is known as the 9mobile Moreflex Plus plan that gives more data and more airtime.

The newly announced 9mobile Moreflex plus is the successor to the Moreflex plan. And unlike the predecessor, it is available on only three different phases, 500, 1000 and 2000.

It also gives you free access to social media also, and the new plan is much likely in-line with MTN XtraValue. You can learn how it works, how to activate and others from the below article.

What is 9mobile Moreflex Plus plan

The 9mobile MoreFlex Plus is one of the company’s tariff plans that gives extra data when you recharge a specific amount of airtime. As it offers more data and more airtime.

It is much like a single plan that competes with the two worlds, airtime, and data. Let’s take a quick look at the price range and charts:

9mobile moreflex plus

*. N500: 500MB + ₦1000 airtime for 7 days.
*. N1000: 1.5GB + ₦2000 airtime for 14 days.
*. N2000: 3GB + 4000 airtime for 30 days.

The 9mobile Moreflex plus is a tariff plan that charges calling rate on the customers, on/off net calls @ 45k/sec, SMS @ ₦8 & pay as you go data @ 0.002k per kilobyte.

How to activate the 9mobile Moreflex Plus

To activate, opt-in or migrate to 9mobile Moreflex plus, you will have to dial *320# and send. After a few minutes, you will be migrated to the latest tariff plan.

After a successful migration, it is time to activate the big guns, which is the Moreflex plus bundle options. That includes the following:

moreflex plus 500

Gives you 500MB + ₦1000 and airtime can be used for local & int’l calls, SMS & PAYG.
– Validity: 7 days
– Cost: ₦500
– Dial *320*1*1#

9mobile moreflex plus bundle options

moreflex plus 1000

Gives you 1·5GB + ₦2000 and airtime can be used for local & int’l calls, SMS & PAYG.
– Validity: 14 days
– Cost: ₦1000
– Dial *320*2*1#

moreflex plus 2000

Gives you 3GB + ₦4000 and airtime can be used for local & int’l calls, SMS & PAYG
– Validity: 30 days
– Cost: ₦2000
– Dial: *320*3*1#

You can easily migrate out or opt-out of 9mobile moreflex plus, by dialing *344*0#. You can also check the balance, by dialing *232# on your mobile phone.

Note that new customer remains on moreflex default tariff until migration into one of these products e.g moretalk, morelife complete.


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