Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this Night Plan and subscription code should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

We witnessed Airtel and MTN introduce the Night Plan to their customers. Now, Etisalat has introduced the Etisalat Night Plan. Etisalat in a bid to continue satisfying her customers, continue doing things to benefit her customers.

This will sound like a melody in the ears of Etisalat users who have been waiting to enjoy the Night Plan. I don’t know about you, but I personally have been waiting for the Etisalat night plan. Finally, my prayer is answered. Want to know more about the Etisalat night Plan, continue reading.

What is Etisalat Night Plan?

Etisalat Night Plan is a data bundle that was designed for users who prefer browsing late at night. With the Etisalat Night plan, you get to browse late at night. So, if you are the Nightcrawlers or you work in a Nightshift, then this plan is for you. If you are also like me that likes to start a download and sleep off, this is perfect. And guess what, it is cheaper than the day data plan.

Who is Eligible?

Etisalat Night Plan is said to be available only to Easycliq tariff users. If you are on a different tariff you can try it and let us know if it works. So, to enjoy the Etisalat night plan you must first migrate to the Etisalat Easycliq tariff.

Well, the Easycliq tariff has a lot of benefits which you will really enjoy aside from the night plan. I think there is an article somewhere on this site where I’ve highlighted the benefit of joining the Easycliq tariff.

I will advise you first check what tariff you are on currently before you continue. To check your current tariff on Etisalat, dial *244*3# from your Etisalat line. Now that you have checked what tariff you are on, we can continue.

If you are not on Etisalat Easycliq, you will have to migrate to Etisalat Easycliq tariff. Check the next paragraph to know to do this.

To Migrate to Easycliq, dial *244*1# then Send or press OK.

In case you get an error message after dialing the code, just try back later. It most likely could have been a network error.

It’s safe to assume everyone that has gotten this far is currently on Easycliq tariff. If you are not, kindly do that except you want to try other tariff and see if it will work.

What Time Does It Apply

This data is only available to use between 12:00AM and 5:00AM. I know you are not really happy about the time it run but hey, better something than nothing. Basically, for me I just leave anything I want to download till late at night.

I just start all the downloads at the same time then go to bed. You can try this as well if it works for you.

Did I mention that you have to finish the data the same night because you will lose what is left after 5:00 AM. Well, you have to use it all up. So, if you aren’t sure of staying up or finding a way to use it, don’t activate it.

Price Range

To subscribe for the Etisalat Night plan, you must have at least 50 NGN on your line. The amount will be deducted from your account balance once you dial the activation code. The prices are 50 NGN for 250MB and 200 NGN for 1GB respectively.

If you don’t have much use for data in a particular night, you may want to subscribe 250MB. But if you are like me, then you will know that 250MB wouldn’t last 10 mins. Hence, I often go for 1GB.

Before I forget, it’s more expensive when you compare with MTN and Airtel. However, Etisalat compensate their customers with their incredible browsing speed.

How to Subscribe To The Etisalat Night Plan

Dial *229*10*10# to activate the plan for 250MB or *229*3*11# for the 1GB plan

The Etisalat night plan can be used on mobile phones, systems and WiFi.

How To Check Your Etisalat Night Plan Balance

It’s very important you know your data balance. Hence, knowing how to check your data balance is very important. Sometimes it’s really difficult remembering some of these codes, but trust me this is one code you would want to remember.

So to check your data balance on Etisalat, dial *228# from your Etisalat sim. Your data balance will be displayed on your screen and will also be sent as an SMS.

Note: If you already have an active data subscription, don’t be scared. The night plan subscription will start at the right time while your other data subscription will be placed on hold. So, you really have nothing to worry about other than to enjoy your Night plan data.

Have you tried it before? How was your experience? We would want to hear from you.


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