How to Check Airtel Data Balance: Airtel Nigeria is definitely one of the best internet providers nationwide. With their latest revamped data plans, which match the customer’s budgets, it is hard to let them go easily.

Since the telecom is increasing getting better at what they do, we can comfortably compare them with the alleged master of data, Glo Nigeria.

Anyways, we won’t be going into details concerning that today, but we will learn how to check Airtel data balance in different methods. Note that *223# and *123*10# no longer work again.

For instance, you have recharge your SIM, and received a bonus or you just activated daily, weekly, monthly data plan and you want to know the data balance or bonus balance. Don’t worry, this is why we are here.

Since we are discussing about Airtel data plans and its codes for checking the balance, bonus balance, or the voice bundle balance. Then lets checkout the current Airtel data plans that everyone is talking about.

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Airtel Data Plans

*. N1,000 for 1.5GB – 30 Days
*. N1,200 for 2GB – 30 Days
*. N1,500 for 3GB – 30 Days
*. N2,000 for 4.5GB – 30 Days
*. N2,500 for 6GB – 30 Days
*. N3,000 for 8GB – 30 Days
*. N4,000 for 11GB – 30 Days
*. 15GB for N5,000 – 30 Days
*. 40GB for N10,000 – 30 Days
*. 75GB for N15,000 – 30 Days
*. 110GB for N20,000 – 30 Days
** Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily

How to check Airtel Data Balance via USSD

Are you wondering how to check my Airtel data balance? Just dial *140# to check Airtel data balance and bonus data balance on your mobile handset.

You can still leave that and check this simple method, all you have to do is to follow the below simple instructions:

*. Switch on your phone
*. Dial *140# and send
*. Within a few seconds, you will receive the balance in the message format.

Head over to your message box, and check your current data balance. The message also contains the expiry date of the data, and bonus data balance, if there is any.

Example of such a message: “Your Balances are: Monthly Bundle: 15590MB till 10-November;
Bonus Data: 25600MB till 10-November”

This means, my monthly data bundle balance on Airtel is 15GB, and 590MB, which is valid till the 10th of November. While the bonus data balance is 25GB, and 600MB, which is still valid through the 10th of November.

Please read this message carefully, because most times, the actual data balance does not always correspond with the bonus data balance.

NOTE: Please note that this code *223# doesn’t work anymore, while the other code *123*10# is an outdated Airtel data code, which now turns to Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and doesn’t show you what you need.


How to check Airtel Data Balance via Airtel App

This is quite simple, and short. All you have to do is to download and install the Airtel app on your Android or iOS device via your phone’s app store.

Some questions need to be answered:

How can I check my Airtel 4G Data balance? Just dial *140#.

What is the Airtel data check code? This is the codes: *140#.

How can I check my Airtel data balance? Just dial *140#.

How to check Airtel Bonus Balance

To learn how to check your Airtel bonus balance, dial *123*1# for bonus balance and *123*2# for voice bundle balance. The above codes will definitely display your bonus and voice balance.

How to check Airtel bonus balance?

Just dial *123*1#. And the following will be displayed on your screen:
Calls (All Networks): N(balance)
(Calls (Airtel): N(balance)
Calls (F&F): N(balance)
Calls (Wkend): N(balance)
Data: N(balance)
Social Data: N(balance)


How to check Airtel Voice Bundle Balance?

Just dial *123*2# and Airtel will send you the current voice bundle balance. But if you don’t have any active voice bundle plan, you will receive a message like this:
“You do not have an active voice bundle, dial *234# to activate”

Dial *234# will display the following:
1. Talk more
2. 6X
3. Voice Plus
4. Data Plus
5. Check Bundle Balance

Other options

Airtel Balance Check OptionsCodes
To check Airtel mobile balanceDial *123#
To check Airtel internet balanceDial *123*10#
To check Airtel SMS balanceDial *123*7#
To check Airtel 3g data balanceDial *123*11#
To check Airtel 2g data balanceDial *123*10#
To check Airtel 4g data balanceDial *121*8# or Dial *140#
To check Airtel Night Data balanceDial *123*197#
To check Airtel Minutes BalanceDial *121*1#
To check Airtel Night Minutes BalanceDial *123*6#
To check your own Airtel NumberDial *282#
To check missed calls and notificationsDial *888#
To check special offers from AirtelDial *566#

Please note the this Airtel codes: *223# and *123*10# doesn’t work anymore. You are sincerely advised to use the above codes for checking your Airtel Data Codes!


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