I was going to recharge my Glo sim card via Gtbank to subscribe to the mouth-watering Glo overload promo (hint: you can get 12gb for N5000!), and I found out that my Glo phone number is nowhere to be found! I did a quick search on google on how to check Glo phone number… And the results are not welcoming. Yes, all of the codes I saw are not working. I guess you might have come across this one? *135*8# . Well it is not working!!

Well, I discover a simple way to check/know my Glo phone number. and trust me, I love sharing what I know with you. What you need to do is follow the steps below to check yours.

How to check Glo phone number

How to check Glo Nigeria Phone Number

We have 3 method…

1. Recharge your Glo sim card with N100 and call any number. your Glo line will appear. but if you don’t want to spend N100 or you are not close to cash, then use the second option below;

2. You will need a PC/Computer/Laptop/Tablet, (don’t worry, we are not doing anything strange), I guess you have a modem that accepts all Sim cards? (Universal Modem), or you have a modem that has been hack to accept all Sim.

Just insert your Glo sim on your modem and connect it to your PC. Immediately, the Glo website will open showing you your phone number. See the attached image below;

How to check Glo phone number

But if it does not show up immediately, connect it to the internet, it does not matter if you have the credit or not, it will show up. Your Glo phone number will show up here: http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/

3. On your mobile phone, just dial 777*# and your phone number will appear on your screen.

Glo APN Setting For Modem

If you don’t have it already, you can manually configure your modem.

Config Name: Glo
Dial Number: *99#
APN Address: gloworld
Username: flat
Password: flat.

How to check glo account balance

Dial #124# and your credit balance will display on your phone!

Congratulation! you have just checked your Glo phone number!


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