Daily Data Plans for MTN

MTN now offers several daily data plans. These data plans are quite affordable and if you manage your data well enough, they would last the entire day. Let’s take a look at some of them. Before you buy your next data plan, read this recharge card tip.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were low on cash and data at the same time? Well, I have been there countless times. Last night, I desperately needed to fill out an application online but I did not have enough cash for a weekly or monthly data subscription. Luckily, my friend came around and she introduced me to different MTN daily data plans I could choose. Well, here they are.

MTN Daily Data Bundles

25MB for 50 Naira

This is the cheapest daily data plan on MTN. If you use a smartphone then this daily data plan may not work well for you. Of course, you know that smartphones consume a lot of data. However, if you have to go for this option as a smart phone user, you have to be sure of three things.

First, that you really need the data at that time. If what you have to do is not really urgent, I advise that you exercise patience till you can afford either a weekly plan or a more expensive 24-hour plan. Second, you must be certain that 25 megabytes is enough to achieve the task at hand. There is no need subscribing for this plan if the data would not actually be enough to complete the task.

So, if you need to update your applications or upload a bunch of videos and pictures on Instagram, this daily plan will not work for you. Finally, you have to focus on the task. Smartphones are really distracting so if you choose this plan, ensure you stay off social media and other data-consuming apps. Trust me, this is the hard part.

Anyways, to subscribe for this data plan, simply send 114 to 131. You can also dial *131# and follow the prompt to subscribe.

MTN Daily Data Bundles

75MB for 100 Naira

This is my favourite daily data plan. It is easy on the pocket and it works well for smartphone users. If you are a Whatsapp freak like me, then this 1-day plan is just perfect. However, if other platforms like Instagram and Facebook are on your data menu, I wouldn’t recommend this daily plan at all.

Simply dial *131# and follow the prompt to subscribe. You can also dial *123# or send 104 to 131.

150 MB for 200 Naira

This plan will accommodate your Facebook and Instagram routine profile checks. Although, it will definitely not last so long if you watch instagram videos or stream audio and video content on YouTube. If you manage it well enough, you may be able to do some app upgrades and downloads.

Text 103 to 131 to activate this data plan.

MTN Daily Data Bundles

1GB for 350 Naira

I call this the unlimited daily data plan. With this plan, you can fulfil all of your data needs including streaming YouTube content, viewing videos on Instagram and downloading apps on your smartphone.

Obviously, this plan is for people who use a lot of data or who need to do something that requires a lot of data. If all you want to do is send and receive messages on Whatsapp, there is no need to choose this data plan. Simply stick to any of the other data plans I have shared with you.

To subscribe for this data plan, simply send 115 to 131 via SMS.

MTN Daily Data Bundles

2-Day MTN Data Plans

MTN also offers 48hours data plans. You can choose either the 2GB plan which costs N500 or the 200MB which costs 200 Naira. These data plans help you do more for less. If you have spill-over activities or if you are not sure of the time frame of a particular task, I advise that you choose either of these 2-day data plans.

To activate the 200MB data plan, text 113 to 131. Meanwhile, subscribe for the 2GB data plan by texting 154 to 131 via SMS.

Here’s a table of all MTN Daily Data Plans

Data BundleCostDuration
25MBN5024 hours
75MBN10024 hours
150MBN20024 hours
1GBN35024 hours
200MBN20048 hours
2GBN50048 hours

Now, you know all the daily data plans you can choose from as an MTN user. Be sure to share them with friends and family.


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