Few things more frustrating than having an important thing to check online or on Facebook and not having data at the same time. We all know how this can be. Thanks to these Service Providers like MTN with the introduction of the Facebook free browsing, one can do certain things online on a zero data balance situations.

This article is focused on uncovering one of the benefits of using an MTN Line, these companies despite their profit orientation, still have the interest of their users at heart.

They know that sometimes irrespective of people’s financial buoyancy still find themselves in situations that would need a little bit help. That’s where these benefits and bonuses come into play and the essence is therefore achieved.

Today we are going to talk about MTN free basics. I’m sure by the time we are done, you will get to know how to access facebook and other websites even if you are on zero data balance.

Firstly, Airtel Nigeria started the free basics thingy, then Etisalat (now 9mobile) stood up to the challenge to join the Free Basics platform.

Now, MTN Nigeria has taken the bold step by joining the freebasics platform after a long-awaited period. You can now start browsing Facebook and other websites free of charge with your MTN SIM without subscribing for data or buying airtime.

With this, MTN became the third mobile network provider in Nigeria to support the freebasics initiative.

Before we go further, let’s check out a brief history of MTN Nigeria


MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN Group, Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company. On May 16, 2001, MTN became the first GSM network to make a call following the globally lauded Nigerian GSM auction conducted by the Nigerian Communications Commission earlier in the year.

Thereafter the company launched full commercial operations beginning with Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

MTN paid $285m for one of four GSM licenses in Nigeria in January 2001. To date, in excess of US$1.8 billion has been invested building mobile telecommunications infrastructure in Nigeria.

Since launch in August 2001, MTN has steadily deployed its services across Nigeria. It now provides services in 223 cities and towns, more than 10,000 villages and communities and a growing number of highways across the country, spanning the 36 states of the Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Many of these villages and communities are being connected to the world of telecommunications for the first time ever.

MTN Facebook Free Basics

What is MTN Facebook free basics?

MTN Facebook Free Basics is a service that allows you to access Facebook and a couple of other websites for FREE, from your device. The websites are accessible only through a special URL within a daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP), the websites you can access includes communication, learning, sports and entertainment, news and weather, jobs, and lots more.

What are the features I can enjoy on MTN Facebook free basics?

The features that are available and which you can access without any glitch on free basics includes:

  • Update your Facebook status
  • Comment/write on your friend’s wall
  • View/change profile picture
  • Send and receive videos, pictures, and text (text only mode available to existing Facebook account users)
  • Search Friends on Facebook
  • Add new friends
  • Browse through Facebook
  • Browse through other websites such as AccuWeather, Ask a Doctor by Kangpe, BabyCenter, BBC News, Bing, Jobberman, Messenger, Nairaland Forum, Nigeria Galleria, Nigeria News Naij.com, Pass.ng, SuperSport, VConnect, Wikipedia, and many more.
  • Gollow me as I guide you through on how to Access the MTN Facebook Free Basics Features.

To access the Free Basics all you need do is download and install the Free Basic App from your phone’s App Store, you can also access it by inputting this web address: https://0.freebasics.com on your device browser and voila, you’re good to go!

MTN Facebook AutoFlex

What is MTN Facebook Autoflex?

The MTN Facebook Autoflex is a service that allows you access your Facebook accounts and Messenger for FREE (even when you’ve exhausted your data). You can access it be it on the Mobile App or your local browser. And also, within a daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

What are the features I can enjoy on Facebook Autoflex?

MTN customers with new and/or existing Facebook accounts will be able to access and enjoy the following features:

  • View/change profile picture
  • Update Facebook status
  • Comment/write on your friend’s wall
  • Search Friends on Facebook Add new friends
  • Browse through Facebook
  • Send/receive videos, pictures (Not available to existing Facebook account users)
  • Open external links (Not available to existing Facebook account).

With the introduction of this Free basics and Autoflex you can say that MTN has joined the likes of Airtel Ng and 9Mobile to make provision for browsing free on their networks even without data. This move is effective for customer retention. We are still waiting for the likes of Glo to join the trend.

What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in the comment section. 😊


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